Ethnic Food

Ethnic food are foods originating from the heritage and culture of ethnic groups. Each ethnic group uses their knowledge of local ingredients of plants and animal sources.

“Ethnic food” is not only Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, or Salvadoran eateries. It is always an exciting journey, richness, and variety of tastes of the whole world.

When you hear ethnic food described as exotic, hodgepodge, greasy or cheap, know that this person does not know anything about the cooking and culture of the peoples of the world. He might as well be remarking disdainfully about the clothes or skin color of other people.

People carry their culture in traditions, and traditions are very closely related to the ceremonies of the meal. Our goal is to, with time, provide a description for every ethnic cuisine found in the world.

Cuban cuisine

Cuban cuisine is a combination of different cultures, although in its varied dishes. It has a blend of Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines,…

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