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Best Chicken for Salad

Best Chicken for Salad


There are so many chicken recipes. Basic for most chicken meals is chicken breasts. And now we show you how to make the ultimate juicy delicious chicken for the salad.

Chicken for salad in the pan

For this recipe prefer organic chicken breast. It hasn’t been pumped full of hormones and it’s much easier to cook evenly without overcooking.
Also because it has a lot more flavor and the texture is better.

On the backside of the organic chicken breast still has this chicken tender. Cut that tender away.

Preparation for frying

Put a layer of plastic wrap down over a cutting board, lay down the chicken breast and then put another layer of plastic wrap on top.

Now you could use a meat mallet to pound this thin. If you don’t have that so a rolling pin will do the job just fine.

We have the chicken breast thinner and it’s gonna cook quicker and more evenly and that’s really the way you can make it juicy, not overcooked chicken breast.

Remove the plastic wrap. Add some salt and a few cracks of pepper and do that on both sides.

Frying chicken for a salad

One of the most common mistakes people make when cooking chicken breasts is cooking cold chicken breast out of the fridge. If you put a cold chicken breast into a hot pan it’s cook unevenly.

Allow chicken to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes. You can put a spice rub on there some kind of marinade.

Use cast iron pan for this chicken. You will get the best sear the best crust on your chicken if you use hot cast iron.

Pre-heat your pan for two minutes over medium-high heat. Then drizzle the oil into the pan – about two teaspoons of olive oil. You can also use avocado oil or grapeseed oil. Give it 30 seconds and start cooking.

Tip number two that people always do wrong. They start to poke and prod the chicken as soon as it goes in the pan. If you do that you’re gonna ruin the sear on the chicken. Just leave it alone let it do its thing for 4 minutes.
Four minutes on the first side and three minutes on the second side is enough.

Take it out of the pan. Both sides are golden. Move it to a clean platter.

Another chicken tip

Another chicken for salad tip – when the chicken comes out of the pan it has to rest for 5 minutes before you cut into it and use it in your chicken recipes.

It just came out of a hot pan the juices inside of this chicken right now are boiling. If I cut into this chicken the juices are gonna run out and it’s gonna go dry.

Use this chicken for your salad or other chicken recipes.