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Best Pickle Recipes

Best Pickle Recipes


Pickles have been around for thousands of years and many nations have their best pickle recipe. They appear as far back as 2030 BC where cucumbers were picked in a place called Tigris Valley in India. Pickling has been seen as a necessity throughout history, as they were easy to transport food that could be stored for long periods of time.

Traditions of pickling

The word pickle comes from the Dutch word ‘pekel’, meaning salt. Today you can find commercially produced pickles as well as create homemade pickles right in your own kitchen. The recipe hasn’t changed for thousands of years because of how easy it is! It’s as easy as slicing cucumbers and storing them in water and cider. Of course, there’s much more to it than just that which we will explore.

Have you ever wondered how pickles are made, where do pickles come from, or what is the best pickle recipe? There’s Kosher dill pickles, Polish, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Korean, etc. The point being everyone does their pickles differently! All these cultures put their own twist and add different seasonings and techniques when creating them. A pickle is made by storing cucumber in a brine or vinegar solution and for a natural fermentation process to occur. The most popular style of pickle in the western world is the US Kosher Dill by far, but that’s not to say it’s the best pickle recipe.

US homemade pickles

A US kosher dill pickle isn’t necessarily “kosher” in the sense that its’ been prepared in regards to Jewish law. But this recipe is the traditional way in how Jewish New York City pickle makers made their pickles. For this recipe, you need to add a large amount of garlic and dill to natural salt brine. A fully fermented dill pickle is referred to as a “full-sour” while pickles that have stayed in the brine a lot less long are referred to as “half-sours”. Dill pickles good known in New York City since 1899.

Best pickle recipes

Pickles are easy to make and can be made at home using homemade pickle recipes easily. The first thing you need is to slice some cucumbers. To season them use Dill Seed, cloves of garlic, and some red pepper flakes. In saying that you can always add more seasoning and put your own spin on the recipe! To make the brine for the pickles, you are going to want to fill a jar with an equal amount of cider vinegar and water, along with salt. The longer the pickles sit in the jar the tastier they will become!

Pickling in different cultures

Different cultures that have put their own spin on the pickle recipe all share similar characteristics. The main difference is in how you seasoned them. The Polish and German styled pickles are
very similarly. Usually pickles they made in oak barrels.

This style of pickle is another one famous in the world. People like it for taste. It is similar in sourness to that of the Kosher Dill pickle but the difference is in seasoning the pickles.
Then there are Hungarian pickles, where they add bread to the recipe. The idea is that adding pieces of bread to the solution will help the fermentation process while the cucumbers turn into pickles.