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Crock Pickles Recipe

Crock Pickles Recipe


This is aunt Jenny’s crock pickles recipe with spicy-sweet pickle, good with sandwiches and cold cuts. With this count of ingredients, you will make 2 quarts pickles.

Take cider vinegar, onion, dry mustard, salt, white ginger root, whole cloves, sticks cinnamon, whole peppercorns, powdered cloves, brown sugar, midget cucumbers.

Mix all ingredients, except cucumbers, together in a 1-gallon crock, or large glass jar. Add cucumbers.

Cover crock or jar with folded cheesecloth, then with a lid. Let stand in a cool and dark place at least 1 month before using. They will be tasty and yummy. You can store cucumbers from this crock pickles recipe it up to 4 months but better if allowed to stand 3 months.