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Easy Dutch Oven Camping - Top 5 Recipes

Easy Dutch Oven Camping - Top 5 Recipes


1. Beef Stew in Dutch Oven

Beef Stew in Dutch Oven

If you want to feed 8, cook 4 lbs. of meat and 8 medium potatoes, 4 onions, 1 small head of celery, and 8 carrots. In a 14″ Dutch oven it will serve 8 to 10 well and will take about an hour and a half to cook.

After the fire is ready, pour oil in your Dutch oven. Level it on the fire and brown all the stew meat. Salt, pepper, and Accent to taste, and add 1 cup water to cover the meat.

While it is simmering, prepare all the vegetables so that when you have a good broth, they will be ready. I cut the carrots in slices so that they cook faster; then, the potatoes in larger pieces, the onions in quarters, and the celery in slices so it will all be done about the same time.

Let the meat simmer about 1/2 hour, then take off the lid.

When you do, tip it so that the moisture runs back into the oven; then, add all the vegetables, salt and pepper to taste, recover and continue to cook. Check meats every 15 minutes or so. After about 30 to 45 minutes, test some vegetables and meat with a fork. When done, the fork will go in easily. If done, remove and serve warm.

2. Liver and Onions in Dutch Oven – Easy Dutch Oven Camping Recipes

Liver and Onions in Dutch Oven

For liver and onions in Dutch oven take baby beef liver (1/2-lb. per person – 2 pieces), 1/4 cup vegetable oil (bacon grease, if available), 1/2 medium or large onion per person, salt, pepper, 1 cup flour.

First, select some good liver to start with. Get baby beef liver if available as it will be more tender than regular beef liver.

Trim the liver into even slices and cut out all the excess gristle and veins. Salt and pepper to taste, then put it in a paper sack with the flour. Shake it so you will get a good coating of flour on the liver.

Level your Dutch oven. Put in the 1/4 cup bacon grease until it gets hot, then brown the liver on both sides. Cover and let simmer while you cut the onions in slices. When onions are sliced, add to the liver and bacon grease.

Keep turning the liver and onions so they won’t stick, but will keep browning. Check every 15 minutes. You can test with a fork. Let simmer until tender to the fork.

It should be done in about 45 minutes or so, depending on the amount of heat and how much you are cooking, but it will be good when done.

3. Potatoes and Onions in Dutch Oven

Potatoes and Onions in Dutch Oven

This is one of the most popular side dishes – really easy dutch oven camping recipes. If you have 16″ Dutch oven you can cook 20 pounds of food (16 pounds of potatoes, 4 pounds of onions) in about 1 hour and will feed 25 to 30 people, depending on how much they like potatoes.

For potatoes and onions in Dutch oven take 1 large potato per person, 1/2 onion per person, salt and pepper, 1/4 cup vegetable oil or shortening (bacon grease is best).

Pour oil into the Dutch oven and put it on heat. Slice potatoes and onions in quarters. Mix potatoes and onions with salt and pepper to taste, put in the oven.

Cover Dutch oven and apply hot coal to the top also, so vegetables can brown on the top and bottom at the same time.

Check vegetables every 15 minutes. Turn with a spatula or fork to rotate them. Add more oil if needed, but a little. Cook until tender.

Cooking time will depend on how big your oven is, how much heat you use, and how many potatoes you are cooking. A 16″ Dutch oven full will take about an hour to cook.

4. Potatoes and Bacon

If you have some bacon and the time, it adds extra flavor to the potatoes and onions to add about 1/2 to 1 pound cooked bacon to them.

Just start off with the bacon in the level Dutch oven. Cut it up into pieces. Cook until crisp. Add potatoes and onions to the grease and cook as before except the bacon will give extra flavor. Don’t wait until it is too crisp to start it as it may get too done by the time the potatoes and onions are done.

5. Dutch Oven Chicken

Dutch Oven Chicken

For Dutch oven chicken, you need chicken (1/2 per adult, 1/4 per child, or 2-3 pieces per adult and 1-2perchild), salt, pepper, 1/2 cup vegetable oil, flour.

While the Dutch oven is heating up with the oil in it, put the flour in a sack, put the chicken pieces in it, and shake to cover them with flour. Salt and pepper to taste. Put in oven and brown on all sides. Cover and simmer until tender. Put heat on top as well as bottom to cook faster.

If you like a certain piece of chicken, it is best to buy them only, as they are all the same size and they will be done in a more unified time.

If cooking for a large group, use some ovens for browning with more oil in, and after browning well put them in other ovens to steam with only a little oil. Check them to rotate chicken so that bottom and top pieces don’t get too well done.

For another variation, you can also use a good barbecue sauce while they are steaming. Add about a quart of sauce, for a 14″ oven. It will give it a good flavor.

You can make your own or use any good sauce ready-made.

With either regular or barbecue, check every 10 to 15 minutes to see how it’s doing, until tender to the fork, then serve.

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