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Easy Chow Chow Recipe

Easy Chow Chow Recipe


Easy Chow Chow Recipe in English stile. Hot, sour, delicious. Serve with meatloaf, curries, boiled beef tongue.

You need cucumbers, string beans, green tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, small white onions, hot red peppers, salt, dry mustard, mustard seeds, turmeric, celery seeds, whole allspice, whole cloves, sugar, cider vinegar.

Wash string beans and remove tips and strings. Afret wash and chop green tomatoes. Wash and broke into flowers medium-sized head cauliflower. Then wash and fine chop small head cabbage. Wash and peele small white onions.

Put all vegetables for Easy Chow Chow Recipe through a food grinder using a medium-coarse knife. Mix thoroughly in large agate or enamel kettle.

Sprinkle lightly with salt (about 1/2 cup), cover, and let stand in a cool place 24 hours. Drain brine off. Heat vegetables over low heat. Stir in all seasonings and mix well. Pour over vinegar (about 4 cups) barely to cover. Cover kettle and let simmer, stirring often with wooden or enamel spoon.

When vegetables are cooked, about 1/2 hour, spoon into hot sterile glass jars and seal.