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Homemade Milkshake

Homemade Milkshake


Who doesn’t love homemade milkshakes? They are great served with a burger and fries, but just as good on their own as a treat. So what’s the best milkshake recipe? We’re going to tell you how to make a milkshake in a blender. Of course, you can just whisk it up yourself with a hand whisk but that takes a lot more effort.

Traditionally you make a homemade milkshake with softened ice cream and milk. If you use more ice cream you will get a thicker shake, but if you use more milk it will be thinner. The choice is yours. Then you have the option of turning your milkshake into whatever you want. Add syrups, fruit or biscuits to enhance the flavor of your milkshake.

Here is our standard milkshake recipe.

Homemade Milkshake Recipe

The ice cream needs to be soft so leave it out of the freezer for a little while before you make your milkshake. The ideal temperature for the ice cream is 20F. However, don’t leave it out for so long that it becomes runny.

Get your blender and put in 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream plus ¼ cup of milk. Add in 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Blend for about a minute, but alternate between blending and mixing my hand. This gives the milkshake better consistency.  

Alternative Milkshake Recipes

Chocolate Milkshake

So you want to know how to make a chocolate milkshake? Use the standard recipe and add a ¼ cup of chocolate syrup. This will make it really taste of chocolate but you could alternatively add in 3 heaped teaspoons of cocoa powder. If you are looking for a real chocolate kick use chocolate ice cream instead of the vanilla and garnish the milkshake with chocolate chips.

To make a chocolate malt shake use the basic recipe and then add ¼ cup of malt powder.

Vanilla Milkshake

So how to make a vanilla milkshake? The recipe above is fine although adding a bit of sugar and a little more vanilla extract gives it that extra kick.

Strawberry Shake

Now if you are looking for a healthy milkshake why not go for a Strawberry Shake. Use the basic recipe and then add ¼ cup of chopped strawberries. You can add strawberry syrup but that’s not quite as healthy as fresh strawberries.

Cookies, Cream and more…

Now here’s an alternative recipe. Why not try cookies and cream milkshake. To the basic recipe add 3 of your favorite crumbled biscuits. If you like Oreos they are great in this milkshake.

To make a salted caramel pretzel and chocolate chip shake add a squirt of caramel, a few crumbled pretzels, and some chocolate chips. It’s a very decadent dish.

Banana Cream Pie Homemade Milkshake. Just add a chopped banana to the original mixture and half a pack of vanilla pudding mix.

For a great birthday treat add ½ cup vanilla cake mix and top with sprinkles.

If you want fancy toppings on your milkshakes put on shaved chocolate or coconut. To make your milkshake into an ice cream sundae add whipped cream on top and drizzle on chocolate or caramel sauce. This is great with a maraschino cherry and some sprinkles.

There are lots of other ideas to make the perfect Homemade Milkshake. Add fruit for a deliciously healthy shake. If you want a smoother milkshake to add the fruit at the beginning, but if you want a chunkier shake to add it near the end. Perhaps mix up the flavors of ice cream and maybe add peppermint ice cream to vanilla and give the milkshake a minty taste.

Decorating the milkshakes is a great idea. Sprinkle on some crushed cookies or candies. Sprinkles are also great as are pieces of fruit.

As can be seen, milkshakes can be made as extravagant as you want. Just experiment with any ideas that you have.