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How to Cook Sushi Rice

How to Cook Sushi Rice


Japanese cuisine is trendy, particularly with people who enjoy healthy and delicious meals. Sushi is probably the most famous Japanese dish in the world. Sweet, vinegared rice formed into small rolls and was topped with fish, vegetables, shiitake, or eggs. Here are steps on how to make sushi rice.

The best way to cook sushi rice is using a wooden container with a large, flat-bottom called hangiri, also known as handai or oke pan.

Follow These Steps

Choose sushi rice
Sushi rice cooking sushi rice chooses short-grain or sushi rice with whole, pure white grains, with no foreign material mixed in, and with a minimum of broken grains.

Wash Rice
Wash 2 cups of the rice (do not wash and rinse too long to avoid losing the vitamin B1 content in the rice). Drain when the rice is clean, white, and translucent. Add 1-3/4 cups water and soak for a half-hour or longer.

Pour in rice
Sushi rice recipe and rice to the boiling water and cook in electrical rice cookware (or on an electric or gas stove) till done. Leave the rice covered for another 15 minutes after turning off the heat.

Make Sushi vinegar
sushi vinegar mixes 1/2 teaspoon salt into three tablespoons rice vinegar and brings to a boil over low heat. Then add a pair of tablespoons of coarse white sugar and switch off the warmth. The vinegar mixture is prepared once the sugar has utterly dissolved.

Sushi vinegar should be ready sooner than time, so it is convenient to make a large amount at once and keep it in the refrigerator for use when necessary.

The proportion of sugar to vinegar is adjusted in line with personal taste. The various brands of dish vinegar on the market commercially can also be used.

Pour the sushi vinegar
Pour the sushi vinegar over the cooked rice while it is still hot, and mix it with a rice paddle.

Fan the rice while mixing in the vinegar
Do this till the rice is light-weight and flossy and the flavor of the vinegar is dispersed. Do not allow the rice grains to cling together in clumps, and do not squish the grains, or the rice will become sticky and pasty.

If you make a large quantity of sushi rice, transfer the extra rice to another container and cover it with a wet cloth to prevent the rice from becoming dry and hard. This step isn’t necessary if creating a tiny low quantity solely for home use.

Utensils for mixing the sushi rice

A wooden container with a large, flat-bottom called hangiri, also known as handai or oke pan. It can absorb steam and moisture, making the rice grains springy and glossy.

How to store hangiri? When used, wash in warm water and drip-dry (do not dry in the sun). Store in a dark, calm, and dry place. Wipe clean with a dry fabric before future use.