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How to Make Fruit Butter

How to Make Fruit Butter


Fruit butter was famous in the old times. “A thick, smooth sauce,” said the old cookbooks about How to make fruit butter. It was created by straining fruit or vegetables, cooked with sugar and usually other seasonings.

The fruit and seasonings give distinctive color, texture, and reach flavor, which makes family and guests ask for such butter again and again.

Long, slow cooking, heat very low is vital to develop flavor, blend the oils of the spices with the juices and sugars of the fruits, or the tang and distinctive quality of the vegetables.

Make small amounts at one time, and you will find it easier to serve if you bottle or seal in small jars. Then a pot, once opened, will be quickly used up.

In the old times in the USA, on a pleasant autumn day, in a great kettle hung on a tripod in the backyard, the butter cooked, a wood fire burning gently under it.

How to Make Fruit Butter

The whole winter through, Sunday night supper at home featured a bowl of apple butter to be eaten with freshly made schmierkase (homemade cottage cheese) on fresh-baked bread or biscuits.

How to Make Fruit Butter

How to make fruit butter from apples, grape, dried fruits, or prunes

Apple butter is the most famous. But you can cook butter from either fruit. You can make fruit butter from apples, grape, dried fruits, or prunes.

The cooking technology is very similar for all varieties. The same basic ingredients are sugar, spices, cider, or vinegar (some recipes use lemon juice).

Fruit Buttes Recipes

  • Apple Butter
  • California Apple Butter
  • Concord Grape Butter
  • Spiced Concord Grape Butter
  • Dried Fruits Butter
  • Spiced Prune Butter
  • Spiced Prune Butter with Orange