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Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean Food


Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest in the world. Mediterranean cuisine is the foods and methods of preparation by people of the Mediterranean Basin region. So what is so good about Mediterranean food?

Well, it is full of vitamins, minerals, and omegas which all help in the fight against heart attacks, type-2 diabetes, strokes, and premature death.

This diet in the Mediterranean region includes fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, potatoes, legumes whole grains, herbs, spices, seafood, and healthy olive oil. Poultry, dairy products and eggs people eating in moderation, while red meat – only now and then.

Mediterranean Cuisine

The first book of a Mediterranean cuisine was the cookery writer Elizabeth David’s book, A Book of Mediterranean Food (1950). She defines the three core elements of the cuisine as the olive, wheat, and grape, yielding olive oil, bread and pasta, and wine.

The region spans a wide variety of cultures with distinct cuisines. There are Maghrebi, Egyptian, Levantine, Ottoman (Turkish), Greek, Italian, Provençal (French), and Spanish. The Mediterranean Sea and the same dishes connect the cuisines of these countries.

There are popular roast lamb or mutton, meat stews with vegetables and tomato (Spanish andrajos and Italian ciambotta), and the salted cured fish roe, bottarga, found across the region. Beyond the core trio of oil, bread, and wine.

Mediterranean cuisine or Mediterranean diet?

Mediterranean cuisine is not to be confused with the Mediterranean diet. This diet is popular because of the health benefits of a diet rich in olive oil, wheat and other grains, fruits, vegetables, and a certain amount of seafood, but low in meat and dairy products.

Here we are going to give you a few recipes for the Mediterranean food list. We hope you will enjoy making it.

  • Moroccan Lamb Tagine
  • Mediterranean Salmon
  • Authentic Greek Salad
  • Ratatouille
  • Mediterranean Chicken
  • Shakshuka
  • Mediterranean Couscous
  • Shrimp with Feta and Tomatoes

Mediterranean food is delicious and varied. You certainly won’t get bored eating it. We hope that our recipes have given you a taste of the Mediterranean.