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Palmiers Recipe

Palmiers Recipe


A palmiers recipe, pig’s ear, palm heart, or elephant ear is a French pastry in a palm leaf shape or a butterfly shape, sometimes called palm leaves, cœur de France, French hearts, shoe-soles, or glasses.

So recently I had some leftover frozen pastry (don’t ask me how long have they been in the fridge), like two sheets of frozen puff pastry and I wasn’t sure what I can do with them.

I was awed by the simplicity of making Palmier and tried it there and then. It was my very first time and it didn’t look perfect nor any close to stuff in French Patisseries but I loved the taste.

You can opt to put other fillings instead of just sugar i.e. sweet jams, chocolate bits or savory stuff like vegemite! Be as creative as you wish. In total with two puff pastry sheets, I made about 25 mini palmiers and stored them in an airtight container.

They were perfect for afternoon snacks especially with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Palmiers recipe you can do it with a ready-made dough, or prepare the dough yourself.