How to make barrel pickles

How to make barrel pickles? It is very easy! You will need a barrel for pickles, cucumbers, salt and spices to your taste.

We recommend using oak barrels for pickling cucumbers. Cucumbers will turn out crispy and very fragrant.

For best barrel pickles you need locally grown organic cucumbers. The best will be from a local farmer. You can use cucumbers from the grocery store but if you do that they come with a coating of wax. To get that wax coating off you have to soak them in half vinegar half water for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. Use a like a little scrub brush to get the wax coating off. 

Pack cucumbers into the barrel with some dill and garlic. You can add some chili, coriander seed, black peppercorns, horseradish, and more. Then add salt and water. You can cook 5% salt brine or simple add salt and then water. For a liter of water, you need to add 50 grams of salt.

How to make barrel pickles

There is an easy way how to make barrel pickles. These pickles ferment with Lacto bacterias and that’s what produces the sour flavor with no vinegar. 

Those bacteria start growing and they produce CO2. These are cured in salt water so that will take care of most of the bad bacteria you’re gonna find and the lactobacillus takes care of the rest. 

You have to be very careful when you’re making pickles or any kind of preserved food. 

Fermentation features

It’ll take about three days or more to make barrel pickles. Probably by tomorrow morning, this will be bubbling. If you check them they should still be kind of crisp but also a little bit sour. Put them in the fridge after three days. They are super tasty and super great. 

One more thing you’re going to notice is that the water in these will turn cloudy over the course of time and that’s normal. 

Read one of the recipes on how to make barrel pickles here:

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