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Pickling in Oak Barrels

Pickling in Oak Barrels


Are you looking for the best pickle recipe out there? If so, let’s take a look at a very old recipe which has been handed down for generations.

Traditionally pickles were made in oak barrels, an idea originating from Germany and Poland. They became very popular in the United States, but food safety regulations eventually banned oak barrels, saying that they couldn’t be washed and disinfected properly.

Now if you are producing pickles commercially in the United States you have to pickle in plastic or metal barrels, but they don’t give the same taste. The new pickle recipe is not as good because the pickles aren’t brined, but vinegarized and pasteurized. Brining kills off harmful bacteria and keeps the pickles both crisp and juicy. You get a less crunchy pickle from vinegar.

Making pickles in an oak barrel can’t be beaten and there’s nothing stopping you from doing this at home. A combination of salt, water, herbs and spices combine to give you the best pickles ever. Raw vegetables are transformed into well-preserved and healthy food without any bacteria.

So if you are looking for the best pickled cucumber recipe we are here to help you.

The Root of Pickling

For the best quality pickles, the best is using a wooden barrel (tub) made of oak (oak bucket for pickles).

The tannins of this tree in small quantities are very good for health and have good preserving properties.

Oak is considered a natural antiseptic that can reduce the number of putrefactive microorganisms.

A barrel of oak gives pickles a unique savory taste and a special aroma.
Another advantage of oak wood is high resistance to mold and mildew. With proper care, such barrel becomes stronger with time.

A wooden barrel can be used for salting fish, meat, and lard, as well as pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, apples, and watermelons.