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Russian Food - Top 10 Ideas

Russian Food - Top 10 Ideas


In Moscow, temperatures can drop as low as -30C in the winter, and other parts of Russia are even colder. Because of this, Russian food is hearty, with pastries, bread, potatoes, and sour cream as staples and warming soups.

Here we will give you our choice of the top 10 Russian foods and end with recipes for Russian salad.

Russian Food – Pickles

Russian pickles are very popular. Summer is short in Russia, but plenty of vegetables is produced during this time; too many to eat while they are fresh. The answer is to pickle them in either salt or vinegar.


Our second choice is soup, shchi. It is a trendy cabbage soup in Russia. It can have the addition of meat, but this isn’t compulsory. When the sauerkraut is used instead, the soup is called sour shchi if soups based on sorrel, spinach, nettle, and similar plants are called green shchi.


Blinis are the Russian version of French crepes. They can have either savory or sweet fillings. For delicious blinis, buckwheat is used, and for sweet, white flour. Blinis can be very upmarket and served with red salmon or black sturgeon caviar.

Russian Salad

Russian salad is one of Russia’s most famous exports, and it is enjoyed all over the world.  Amongst other ingredients, it contains diced potato, peas, pickles, eggs, some type of meat, and mayonnaise.

Russian salad

Russian salad is one of Russia’s most famous exports, and it is enjoyed all over the world. It contains diced potato, peas, pickles, eggs, some meat, and mayonnaise, among other ingredients.

This salad is a very traditional dish eaten on New Year’s Eve.

One pound bologna, three potatoes (medium-sized), three carrots (medium-sized), six eggs, one can of sweet peas (15 ounces), six pickled cucumbers (medium-sized), one bunch of green onions, one bunch of fresh dill, 4 tbsp mayonnaise, salt and pepper

Boil potatoes, carrots, and eggs and cool to room temperature.

Wash the dill and green onions.

Peel the potatoes and carrots and cut them into small cubes.

Drain the liquid from the tin of peas and mix them in a bowl with the potatoes and carrots.

Peel the eggs, chop and add to the bowl.

Chop the bologna, dice the pickled cucumbers, chop the dill, and slice the onions. Add to the bowl.

Put in as much mayonnaise, salt, and pepper as you want and stir to combine all the ingredients.

Smoked Salmon

Salted or smoked salmon and salted herrings are very popular. Smoked salmon is often served with blinis, while salted herrings usually appear in salads. Shuba has salted herrings covered with boiled and grated vegetables, beets, onions, and mayonnaise.


Shashlik is roasted meats and fish on skewers. They are similar to Turkish shish kebabs, but the pieces of meat are more significant. They typically use lamb, beef, chicken, and salmon. The skewers are usually served with Russian pickles and unleavened bread.

Dumplings – Russian Food

Dumplings are a very popular Russian dish. They are usually filled with pork, beef, or lamb. They can be eaten as they come or with a broth poured over them.

Mini Pies or Pirozhki

Mini pies or pirozhki are similar to dumplings, but they are encased in pastry. There are even vegetarian versions of these with fillings like cheese, egg, potato, and cabbage. You can also get sweet versions.


Stroganoff is a delicious and creamy dish, and it’s not made anywhere as well as in Russia. You can find the unique varieties of mushrooms in Russia used in stroganoff, and they use exciting game meats. Then, of course, it is served with a dollop of delicious Russian sour cream.


Solyanka is another heartwarming soup that is thick, spicy, sour, and rich. It is made with sausage or beef, olives, cucumber pickles, tomatoes, and spices. It is topped with dill and parsley. Dill is a prevalent herb used in Russian food cooking.