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Salt Pork in an Oak Barrel (Salo in Brine)

Salt Pork in an Oak Barrel (Salo in Brine)


One of the most famous ways of preserving meat or fat for a long time is salting. There are so many recipes for salt pork in different cuisines. You can read more here: What is Salt Pork?

Here we will tell you how to make salt pork in an oak barrel. This method is popular in Europe and traditionally used for quick pork fat salting.

The most favorable for a fat salting process will be a temperature of 2-4 °C. If the temperature is higher – the product may deteriorate; if it is lower, the fat is salted slowly and unevenly.

On an oak barrel for 5 liters, you need to take 3 kg of pork fat (belly or fatback).

For the best quality fat, the best is using a wooden barrel (tub) made of oak. The tannins of this wood in small quantities are very good for health and have good preserving properties.

Oak is considered a natural antiseptic that can reduce the number of putrefactive microorganisms.

A barrel of oak gives food a unique savory taste and a special aroma. Another advantage of oak wood is its high resistance to mold and mildew. With proper care, such a barrel becomes stronger with time.

A wooden barrel can be used for salting fish, meat, and fat, as well as pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, apples, and watermelons.

Salo in Brine

On an oak barrel for 5 liters, you need to take 3 kg of fat. Put fat in the fridge for a day. Defrost fat at room temperature.

First, you need to prepare a strong brine. Boil water, add 120 g salt, bay leaf, allspice, and black pepper.

Then cut pork into pieces with a palm width, sprinkle with a mixture of seasoning, and tightly put in an oak barrel. Brine a little cool and pour them fat.

Top put the oppression and leave for 3-4 hours until everything is completely cool.

Then put the barrel with pork in the refrigerator. Salt pork will be ready in a week. Remove it from the barrel, dry with paper towels, add seasoning (paprika, pepper, garlic powder, etc.), and wrap in parchment. Stored in the freezer.