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Spinach Ohitashi

Spinach Ohitashi


You might have seen Spinach Ohitashi was featured in my last Hamburger Steak recipe as a side dish. Japanese cuisine is known to deliver a subtle yet flavorsome way of cooking and Ohitashi is one of them. Leafy vegetables are boiled/blanched and then infused with soy sauce or dashi stock. So unlike common stir-fry or sautéing, this method helps to draws out the natural sweetness without compromising the delicate texture of the vegetable with fiery heat.

Spinach Ohitashi can be prepared with various vegetables other than spinach; such as green beans and asparagus. I have read that in Japan, there are other delicate leafy vegetables such as komatsuna greens, garland chrysanthemum, mitsuba leaf, and rapeseed blossoms.

Cut the roots off the spinach and cut the spinach bunch into half. Add two cups of water into a pot and bring to boil, then place the spinach into the water. Start with the stems from the leaves and boil briefly till it turned dark green. Remove from the pot and dunk it into a bowl filled with ice cubes, to stop the cooking process.

Bunch together the spinach and squeeze from the stems working towards the leafy part to fully wring out the water.

Dress the spinach in a bowl. Remove from the bowl and place the spinach onto a chopping board. Slice the spinach into 5cm length.

Arrange Spinach Ohitashi in a small bowl (or side dish plate) and dress. Sprinkle with sesame seed and bonito flakes.